US Ecommerce Sales Growing 9 Percent Annually Through 2017 – Are Etailer Supply Chains Prepared for Profit

InternetRetailing reviewed the Forrester’s European Online Retail Forecast 2012-2017, and the findings are fiscally fascinating; prospects for manufacturer, distributer and etailer profit profound. On the US pond-side, ecommerce sales will reach $370bn in 2017 from $231bn in 2012, accounting for a compound annual growth rate of 9%. European online sales will reach €191bn by 2017 from €112bn achieved in 2012, an annual growth rate of 11%.

The web’s reach ensures this as a global trend. Increasing mobile shopping access, with more business and consumer product choices available for purchase and delivery are drivers.

If your company’s positioning to be a beneficiary of this sales growth trend, consider the corresponding shipping volume increase. With your supply chain central to your business plan (THE business plan?), keeping costs in-check propels profitability. Data2Logistics can assist with that, providing you useable business intelligence-assembled transportation data viewing and reporting to optimize your product shipping time and cost. Speaking of cost, Data2Logistics completes the savings cycle with freight bill auditing and payment services, so billing accuracy also assists to maximize savings.


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